Brim Seed - Poultry Food Seed

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This Poultry Food Seed Packet will support a dozen free-ranging chickens, possibly indefinitely if you save your seed. This collection contains enough seed for one planting. Saved seed should be re-sown each season. These seeds will grow food for people too! 

  • Varieties Included:

    Florida Broadleaf Mustard Green-Southern Seed

    Magenta Lamb’s Quarters-Southern Seed

    Turkey Red Wheat-Southern Seed

    Perkins Long Pod Okra-Southern Seed

    Dimpled Brown Crowder-Southern Pea

    Red Amaranth-Southern Seed

    Mammoth Melting-Snow Pea

    Mammoth Red Mangel-Beet

    Blacked Eyed Pea-Southern Pea

    Butternut Squash-Southern Seed

    Honey Drip Sorghum-Southern Seed

  • Also Included:

    • How to use each seed type for feed. 
    • When to plant (for Southern Planting).
    • Seed saving reminders.

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