AllThingMetal Galvanized Garden Stakes Landscape Staples 50 Pack 6 Inch Sod and Fence Stake - Sturdy Rust Resistant Gardening Supplies for Anchoring

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For more information and offers Logon to * COMPLETE 6-INCH 11 GAUGE PROFESSIONAL LENGTH AND 1.15 INCH HEAD WIDTH – Meticulously crafted to extenuate all your home projects. * ROBUST CONSTRUCTION - Rugged metal to suspend, anchor, and harness many items, including edging, chain link, lighting, plastic, electric wires, pet invisible, inground, and underground. * MULTITUDE OF USES - Storage, herb, rose, vegetable bulbs, flowers, and floral décor, raising bed, square footage, and so forth. Perfect for securing in place a parameter or area boundary. * CUSTOMER SATISFIED PRODUCT - Ashman offers premium products for your lawn and garden while exceeding the highest industry standards and offering impeccable customer care.

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