Mini Utensils Counter

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Compact counter display holds a total of 60 Mini Utensils: 10 pieces of each of our 6 styles:
Mini Turner, Mini Spoon, Mini Slotted Spoon, Mini Fork, Mini Ladle.
Each utensil is approximately 7.5" in length. Each has a specific function when cooking and serving.
YOU choose the 2 colors you would like for the display from our assortment of 10 bright colors.
Each utensil is UPC coded by color.
Set-up dimensions: 8" x 8" x 11".

Made of the highest quality melamine, these mini utensils are perfect for both cooking and serving.
It's sleek and ergonomic design handles beautifully and looks fantastic!
Length: 7.5".
Perfect for both cooking and serving.
Safe for use on nonstick cookware.
Heat resistant to 280°F.
Retains glossy shine.
Strong and durable.
Dishwasher safe.
Made in Thailand.
BPA free.

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