Chicken Poop - Mint Lip Junk

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But why, you ask? Why is it called Chicken Poop?
Jamie’s grandpa would joke anytime you complained of having chapped lips…”lets put some Chicken Poop on your lips so you wont lick ‘em”

Jamie lives on the river with her husband, two kids, two dogs and four cats. She started making Chicken Poop lip junk in her kitchen 21 years ago. Thanks to her grandpa, Jamie has the best name a lip balm could ask for…Chicken Poop! Put put it on your lips.


Enjoy the humor and the high quality of this mint lip balm.

Mint Chicken Poop is made with organic peppermint oil, bees wax, jojoba oil, vitamin E and avocado oil. It is Gluten Free! And, get this…contains NO POOP!

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