Pack of 40 Smartphone Shades with Counter Display

Sale price$8.26


A bestseller! Protect your $1500 iphone AND your eyes! Our new Smartphone Shades do double duty. 1) Each filter comes with adhesive stickers to attach to any phone so Eclipse chasers can safely take photos of the upcoming eclipse without damaging their expensive phone lens. 2) It doubles as an alternative to eclipse glasses. View the eclipse through the side lens. Perfect for those who have eyeglasses! Price is for one box which includes 40 individually packaged phone filters in a countertop display. NOTE: YOU WILL ALSO RECEIVE A LINK WITH DOWNLOADABLE POSTER TO PRINT IN ANY SIZE. WE HIGHLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO PLACE THIS NEXT TO YOUR DISPLAY TO EDUCATE YOUR CUSTOMERS ON WHAT THE PRODUCT IS AND HOW IT WORKS. Retail each Smartphone Shade for $6-7 for total revenue potential of $250-275. Price for box and 40 shades is $165. Limited quantity of display boxes. WILL SHIP IN LATE FEBRUARY. WE SOLD OUT OF OUR CURRENT INVENTORY.

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