APE - Poly Shoulder Gloves Single Pair

Sale price$3.50


  • Quality Sanitary Gloves: These gloves are designed for veterinary and animal care use. They feature five fingers for dexterity and are made from 1.25 mil polyethylene with sturdy seams.

  • Easy to Put On: The 1/4" overlap (j-lip) makes these sleeves easy to open and faster to put on. No more struggling during critical moments.

  • Generous Length: Each glove measures 34 inches in length, providing ample coverage for various tasks.

  • Pack Size: Available in a convenient 10-pack for your convenience.

Whether you’re assisting with calving, lambing, or other animal care procedures, the APE Poly-Pro Shoulder Length Gloves offer reliable protection. Keep your hands clean and your animals well-cared-for!

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