Sourdough Starter

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How to activate and use your sourdough starter

I’ve enjoyed cooking, and especially baking since I was a young child. Three years ago—on my husband’s inspiration—I used the natural yeast from the skins of our plums to get a sourdough starter going. I’d been hesitant to get started with sourdough, because everything I’d seen about it was very complicated and almost scientific—something that I didn’t think I’d have time to work into my schedule as a homeschooling mother with four young kids. I went ahead and jumped in, a friend of mine suggested that I dry the starter if I needed to take a break and it worked wonderfully! I’ve shared it with several friends and now it’s bubbling in multiple states and even across the Atlantic! I’ve been using it for pancakes, waffles, English muffins, bagels, pizza crusts, and more… I hope you have as much fun with it as I have!

Oriyah Owen

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