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Showing 1 - 24 of 41 products
Ball secure-grip jar lifterBall secure-grip jar lifter
Ball secure-grip jar lifter
Sale price$8.50
Leak proof lids small mouthLeak proof lids small mouth
Leak proof lids small mouth
Sale price$6.00
Flat-End Stir Spoon by Lindy'sFlat-End Stir Spoon by Lindy's
Kerr 12 pack - half pint jarsKerr 12 pack - half pint jars
Norpro Stainless Steel Wide Funnel
Norpro Hi-Heat SpatulaNorpro Hi-Heat Spatula
Norpro Hi-Heat Spatula
Sale price$3.25
Pomona’s pectinPomona’s pectin
Pomona’s pectin
Sale price$5.99
Redecker Compostable English Vegetable BrushRedecker Compostable English Vegetable Brush
Jar spoon
Jar spoon
Sale price$4.40
12 Ball quarter pint jars12 Ball quarter pint jars
12 Ball quarter pint jars
Sale price$13.00
Soft skin veggie peeler
Soft skin veggie peeler
Sale price$5.75
Leak proof lids wide mouth by BallLeak proof lids wide mouth by Ball
The canning kitchen -Amy BroneeThe canning kitchen -Amy Bronee
Kuhn Rikon Swiss paring knifeKuhn Rikon Swiss paring knife
Kitchen tongs by Roots and BranchesKitchen tongs by Roots and Branches
Ball amber jars 16ozBall amber jars 16oz
Ball amber jars 16oz
Sale price$13.00
Amber quart jars wide mouthAmber quart jars wide mouth
Amber quart jars wide mouth
Sale price$13.50
4ct Ball 32oz. octagonal gifting jars4ct Ball 32oz. octagonal gifting jars
4ct Ball 16oz. fluted jars4ct Ball 16oz. fluted jars
4ct Ball 16oz. fluted jars
Sale price$12.50
Roots & Branches - Johnny Apple Sauce MakerRoots & Branches - Johnny Apple Sauce Maker
Sale price$7.50
Herb Scissors by RSVPHerb Scissors by RSVP
Herb Scissors by RSVP
Sale price$10.68
Foolproof preservingFoolproof preserving
Foolproof preserving
Sale price$26.95

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