Non-GMO Feed

Homestead General Store carries a variety of feed assortments for all your livestock and pet needs. We specialize in premium non-GMO, corn & soy free options and also carry more affordable "everyman" options for backyard livestock.


**We also carry baled hay and straw seasonally**


Non-GMO, Corn & Soy Free

   -Poultry Layer Mash - 18%

   -Starter/Grower - 20%

   -Turkey/Gamebird - 26%

   -Complete Dairy Ration - 16%

   -Sheep & Goat Ration - 16%

   -Swine Grower - 18%

What makes our feed different?

- No fillers, No GMOs, No Soy and No binders. Nutritionally clean and dense, like a bodybuilder protein bar.
- Specially formulated for livestock that is pasture-raised.
- Our small, in-house milling operation gives you the freshest feed possible. The fresher the feed, the more nutrients for your livestock. 
- A typical drawback to traditional a non-soy/non corn based feed is their depletion of necessary amino acids. Our feed has been created with a custom nutrition blend that actually delivers more amino acids than most soy feed. The result being elimination of common feather, growth and leg issues.  


What are Amino Acids?

Amino Acids in feed are indispensable compounds for all animals to grow and mature. There are around ten different essential amino acids, depending on the species and growth stage of animals. Adding amino acids to feed reduces feed costs, improves feed efficiency, and enhances animal growth. We use a proprietary blend that is specially formulated to not just compensate for peanut meal’s structure, but make it exceptional for weight gain in a pasture raised environment.


History/Mission Statement

We started Heritage Feed as farmers that needed high-quality feed that wouldn’t break the bank. 

We wanted a healthy diet both for our animals and ourselves. So we began researching many different kinds of Non-GMO feeds. Then we started trying out different combinations of nutritional grains to find out what worked best for the health, production and nutrition of our animals. 

After figuring out the right grains for the high-quality feed we were striving to produce, we found one of the best nutritionists in the country to fine-tune our feeds. 

As farmers, we were trying to stay in business but we were struggling to do so because of the high cost of Non-GMO feeds. We thought it was selfish to use the high-quality feeds only for ourselves, so in late 2016 we decided to start producing our feeds for other farms and homesteads.

Our goal here at Heritage Feed is to produce high-quality Non-GMO feeds at affordable prices to help keep farmers in business by yielding the healthiest, highest, quality animals. 

Thank you for considering our feeds! 

John Adams,



Our Nutritionist:

Dr. Jay Branum, Ph.D. is the owner of Professional Livestock Service Inc.He has provided nutrition and management consulting for feeding and care for over 20 years in the U.S. and internationally.• B.S. In animal science from Texas A&M
• M.S. physiology from Texas Tech
• PhD. in animal nutrition from Texas A&M.

Non- GMO & Non Soy

   -Layer Pellet - 18%

   -Layer Crumble - 18%

   -Elite Starter - 20%

   -Elite Layer - 18%

   -Whole Grain Layer

   -Scratch Grain - 10%

   -Gamebird Starter - 28%

   -Sheep & Goat - 16%

Conventional Brands

Traditional Corn/Soy Value Feed

   -Whole Corn 

   -Cracked Corn 

   -Whole Milo 

   -Whole Oats

   -Crimped Oats 

   -Whole Wheat 

   -Rolled Barley 

Corn Free Wheat Feed

   -Zero Purple - 28/20%

   -Zero Teal - 24/20%

   -Zero Orange - 22/12%

Low Grain(gluten-free) High Protein

   -Purple Professional - 26%

   -Teal Hi-Pro Plus - 30%

Low Starch, High Fiber

   -Rabbit Booster - 16%