Durvet - Durastat with Oregano

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Introducing the Durvet DuraStat with Oregano – a poultry supplement that combines the power of nature with practicality. 


Product Highlights:

  • Energy Boost and Essential Oils: The Durvet DuraStat with Oregano is a source of energy and essential oils. It’s like a little pep talk for your feathered friends during challenging times – whether they’re facing disease conditions, shipping stress, weather changes, or simply feeling under the weather.

  • All-Natural Immune Support: Say goodbye to antibiotics! This all-natural formula provides an alternative to stimulate water intake and enhance immunity. It contains a blend of oregano, cinnamon, and other essential oils that work together to keep your poultry in top shape.

  • Easy to Use: No fuss, no hassle. Just add one scoop or one packet per gallon of drinking water. Whether you’re caring for a small backyard flock or a larger operation, the Durvet DuraStat with Oregano fits seamlessly into your routine.


  • Ingredients: Oregano, cinnamon, and essential oils.
  • Usage: Mix one scoop or one packet per gallon of drinking water.
  • When to Use: During illness, travel, weather changes, or stress.


Why Choose Durvet DuraStat with Oregano?

  • Boosts Appetite and Water Consumption: Keep your poultry hydrated and well-fed even when conditions are less than ideal.
  • Antibiotic-Free: When antibiotics are not desired, this natural solution steps up.
  • Trusted Brand: Durvet Animal Health Products offers a wide range of livestock, equine, swine, sheep, poultry, and companion animal products.


Get your flock feeling their best with the Durvet DuraStat with Oregano – because healthy chickens lay the best eggs! 

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